Beanies Cinder Toffee Instant Falvour Coffee 50g

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Producent: Beanies the Flavour Co.
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Medium strength, Rich caramel taste. Cinder toffee flavour ground coffee 

At Beanies The Flavour Co. we're dedicated to creating a flavour for life.  

Using only the very best ingredients our products deliver a fresh, new and exciting coffee experience. 

With flavour levels set to minimise or eliminate the need for added sweetness each product delivers the same consistency of flavour as the last, time after time. 


Make the Perfect Coffee 

Your medium ground roasted coffee is ready to brew in either a Cafétiere, Filter or Percolator. We recommend 1 dessert spoon per 8 floz (225ml) of water, but it's all down to personal taste so use the same amount as you would normally use. 

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