BulbBotz Marvel Spider-Man Night Light with Alarm Clock

Dostępność: od 1 do 14 dni
Wysyłka w: Maksymalnie do 14 dni
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Producent: Bulbotz
Kod produktu: BULBOTZ1
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Wake up to the voice of genius intellect with the BulbBotz™ Marvel™ Spider-Man light up Alarm Clock (15cm appx).

Once a shy science nerd, Peter Parker has devoted his life to protecting New York City after the bite of a radioactive spider granted him amazing arachnid-like abilities. Featuring a night light, simply push down on Spider-Man’s head to activate his light up ‘Spider-Senses’. Talk it up with the bad guys by pressing Spider-Man’s sound button. Standing at 5.5 inches, with his easy to read backlit LCD screen, alarm and snooze function, the Amazing Spider-Man will swing into crime-fighting action and make sure you are never late to save your city from evil villains. It’s web-slinging time!

  • Alarm clock
  • Snooze function
  • Light up head and LCD display
  • Stands at appx. 15cm tall
  • Character voices/sounds
  • Batteries included (2x AAA)
  • Time format: 12/24 hour
  • Conforms with relevant EU and US safety standards

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