Febreze Classic Fabric Spray 500ml

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Producent: Procter & Gamble
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Febreze Fabric Classic eliminates odours and freshens with a classic scent.

Fresh Fabrics

Febreze fabric refreshers are specially designed for fabrics that won't go in the washing machine, like sofa coverings, curtains and carpets.

Everyday odours get trapped in fabrics in your home and are gradually released back into the air over time. With our patented odour elimination technology and best ever freshness, Febreze fabric tackles the odours in fabrics to stop them coming back and help your home stay fresh.

  • Febreze Classic eliminates odours and freshens with a classic scent
  • Febreze Summer Splash eliminates odours and freshens with a fruity summer scent
  • Recommended by Lenor Sleep Sensations, Febreze Lavender and Camomile eliminates odours and freshens with a relaxing and soothing scent
  • Febreze Pet Odour eliminator tackles pet odours and 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics
  • Febreze Allergen Reducer eliminates odours and up to 75% of allergens such as pollen or dust mite allergens from fabrics.
Discover true freshness
At Febreze we are committed to bringing you true freshness. With our award-winning Febreze Mist & Refresh air fresheners, great new range of Light & Refresh scented candles and new improved fabric refresher formula*, it’s never been easier to keep your whole home fresh throughout the day.
*Lavender & Camomile, Summer Splash and Classic variants are new and improved.

Product Information

Prepare & Use

Spray fabrics until damp.
Febreze removes odours as it dries.
On delicate fabrics: test first on hidden area.
Do not use on leather, suede or silk


Procter & Gamble,
P.O. Box 268,
1213 Petit-Lancy 1,

Package Type

Spray bottle.

Other Information

Keep away from children.
Keep away from eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse thoroughly with water.

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