Kenco Barista Edition Rich Ground Coffee 212g

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Producent: Kenco
Kod produktu: KENCO30
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Bold & full-bodied

Nutty & intense

Our cofficionados have carefully selected beans and ground them for you to enjoy the nutty and intense aromas, full-bodied taste of our Rich Kenco coffee, designed for your cafetiere and filter machine.
Cofficionados since 1923
A cofficionado* knows exactly what their perfect cup of coffee tastes like and our cofficionados here at Kenco do not settle for anything less than delicious.
*cofficionado, noun [kof-fish-uh-nah-doh]
1. A true coffee lover
2. Employee of Kenco the Coffee Company
Strength - 4, Bold & full-bodied taste, Cafetière & filter
To discover more of our barista style blends visit:

Product Information



Preparation and Usage

Make your cup the Cofficionado way*
1 Scoop 1 tablespoon per cup
2 Pour boiling water and wait 3-5 minutes
3 Slowly Plunge
*Instructions for cafetiere only

To better preserve the aroma and taste of your coffee, we recommend to keep it at ambient temperature.


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