Kenco Barista Edition Smooth Ground Coffee 212g

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Producent: Kenco
Kod produktu: KENCO29
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Delicate & fruity

Our cofficionados have carefully selected beans and ground them for you to enjoy the delicate fruity aromas and velvety smooth taste of our Smooth Kenco coffee, designed for your cafetiere and filter machine.
Cofficionados since 1923
A cofficionado* knows exactly what their perfect cup of coffee tastes like and our cofficionados here at Kenco do not settle for anything less than delicious.
*cofficionado, noun [kof-fish-uh-nah-doh]
1. A true coffee lover
2. Employee of Kenco the Coffee Company
Strength - 3, Well-rounded taste, Cafetière & filter
To discover more of our barista style blends visit:

Product Information




Preparation and Usage

Make your cup the cofficionado way*
1 Scoop 1 tablespoon per cup
2 Pour boiling water and wait 3 - 5 minutes
3 Slowly Plunge
*Instructions for cafetiere only

To better preserve the aroma and taste of your coffee, we recommend to keep it at ambient temperature.

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