Kenco Italia Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1 kg

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Producent: Kenco
Kod produktu: KENCO13
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Carefully selected blend of beans delivering a smooth, fruity and well-rounded coffee

Product Description

Kenco Italia Coffee Beans a blend of high quality pure Arabica beans. These have been darkly roasted to achieve a rich and luxurious flavour. Ideal for use in espresso-based drinks.


  • Carefully selected blend of beans from South America
  • Dark Roasted for an intense and smoky espresso based coffee
  • 100% Arabica
  • 100% of the coffee beans in this bag are sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified(TM) farms
Storage Instructions To keep Kenco coffee beans at their best, remove air from the coffee bag, roll down, reseal for freshness and keep the resealed bag in a fridge away from strong smelling foods.
Form coffee_whole_bean
Caffeine content Caffeinated

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