Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Coffee Filter & Measuring Spoon- boxed

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Producent: Kitchen Craft
Kod produktu: KITCHENCRAFT14
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This Le'Xpress coffee filter features a fine mesh insert for a really fine filtering process. It simply rests on any standard cup and allows filtered coffee to drip through, eliminating the need for a cafetiere and producing full bodied coffee with no loss of flavour.

This Le'Xpress filter can also be used in electric coffee machines and is resistant to boiling water. The set also includes a one cup coffee measuring spoon. The filter can be easily cleaned and is hand wash only.


  • Easy to use coffee filter with flat base
  • Measuring spoon to accurately measure coffee/tes
  • Simple to use
  • Size - 12cm (D) x 7cm (H)

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