Lyons No3 Rich & Full Bodied Ground Coffee Bags 18 per pack

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Wysyłka w: Do 28 dni Maksymalnie (opóźnienia importowe)
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One Cup Fresh Coffee Bags, 18 individually wrapped coffee bags. Anywhere, anytime, all-round, all-purpose, just plain splendid All-Day coffee. Lyons - we've been making great coffee since 1904.


Store in a cool dry place.

Prepare & Use

How to Brew!
1. Place coffee bag into a cup.
2. Pour freshly boiled water over coffee bag.
3. Allow to brew for 3-4 minutes (5-6 min for stronger flavour). Dunk & squeeze the bag throughout brewing (just like you're making a cup of tea!).
4. Remove coffee bag, sip & enjoy!

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