Marks & Spencer Luxury Gold Herbata 160 Torebek

Dostępność: Do 15 dni Maksymalnie (opóźnienia importowe)
Cena: 70,00 zł 70.00
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Ocena: 4.33
Producent: Marks & Spencer Plc
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M&S Luxury Gold Tea is unlike any other tea, with a "true" tea flavour - full, yet naturally smooth and sweet.

Only the young "top two leaves and a bud" are hand picked for this blend when they are at just the right stage of maturity. The gentle handling and careful selection means that the leaves aren't bruised or damaged before team making process begins.

We use the finest teas, from the best tea gardens in the world - all as a result of hard work by passionate tea makers.

Teas destined for M&S Luxury Gold are always specially preserved at origin to retain their exceptional flavours.

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