Perfect Portable Power Bank 2600MAh Battery Charger

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Charge your portable device on the move any time, any place, anywhere - Compatible with Apple and Andorid smartphones/tablets.

The Perfect Portable Power Bank 2600MAh will get you out of trouble when your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player is running out of charge.

Compact yet powerful, take it with you wherever you go and you'll always have enough juice to take that important call or finish playing your favourite film.There is also an LED torch built in to this power bank so you will always be able to find your way in the dark .

Key Features:

- Providing Micro USB charging Cable. 
- Capacity:2600mah 
- Input voltage 5.0V 
- Input current:500 MA MAX 
- Output current:1000 MA MAX 
- Equipped with a precise IC protector to safely avoid over-discharging and short circuit. 
- Intelligent single chip computer controlled power ,steady and highly efficient 
- LED light to indicate charging status 
- LED torch built in

* Just plug your USB cable into the Power Bank and your device and it will start to charge. 

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