Pisti Sicilian Spreadable Pistachio Cream 600g

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Producent: Pisti Italy
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Pisti Sicilian Pistachio Cream Spread contains the best pistachios processed and transformed in Italy into a sweet and velvety cream. This Artisanal Pistachio Cream is made according to an ancient recipe, which preserves the taste and nutritional values of the nuts. The Pistachio Cream is the ultimate trend, due to its taste which suits almost anything, from fruit bowls to yoghurt dressing. Spread on a slice of bread, shortbread or rucks, or even on top of ice cream or pancakes!

Bronte is the only Italian land where the pistachio tree, called ''Pistacia Vera Terebintus'', grows spontaneously and can be cultivated. Its 4000 hectares represent over 90% of the Italian production and about 2% of the world production with 34000 tons of shelled fruits. Pistachios are one of the most requested super foods, thanks to the composition rich in fibre, protein, potassium and Vitamin E. The Green Pistachio of Bronte DOP grows at the foot of the Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. The Pistachio plants are cultivated on uplands located at 600-900 metres above the sea level and are harvested by hand, due to the diffculties of introducing any kind of machinery on the rocky soil.

  • Rich in Fibre
  • Ideal for Recipes
  • Grown in Italy
  • 600g

Vincente Delicacies is a luxury brand dedicated to a niche market, in order to preserve and guarantee the artisanal quality of products. It is the ambassador of the Sicilian taste - we select only premiere raw materials to give birth to authentic masterpieces of pastry with a refined design, such as spreadable creams, fine biscuits, almond paste cookies, soft and crunchy nougats, home-made Panettoni and Colombe. In other words, we exalt the Italian and Sicilian pastry tradition through a wide range of artisanal delicacies which are a pleasure for both the palate and the eyes.

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