Rich Italian Coffee Beans Dark Roast Strength 5 Waitrose 227g

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Rich Italian Blend Coffee Beans
Medium Dark Roast
Strength: 5 

Dark full bodied with a rich aroma and chocolatey flavour.

The wonderful flavour and aroma of coffee is affected by contact with air. This pack is fitted with a special one way valve to allow the coffee to be packed directly after roasting to protect the coffee and maintain its freshness.

Product Information


Once opened, reseal using the recloseable tab on the pack. To prolong its freshness store in a cool place, refrigerator or deep freeze and use within 2 weeks.

Prepare & Use

Grind the coffee beans to suit the equipment being used: 
- Medium Ground: cafetiéres, percolators, conas and jugs.
- Fine Ground: filter machine, filter cones.
- Very Fine Ground: espresso machine, stove top espresso pot.
Only grind the required amount of coffee for immediate use. 

We recommend 1 rounded dessertspoonful of ground coffee per cup for normal strength coffee. 
This may be adjusted according to taste. To enjoy the coffee's full flavour do not stand, but serve soon after preparation

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