Senna Premium Herbal Laxative Leaf Tea (25 Tea Bags) Tea for Constipation Relief 100% Natural Senna Leaves

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Get to feel better in no time as you watch your digestive system returns to its usual self. Senna leaves are an incredible nature’s gift that helps support gut health. It helps with stool softening and provides a complete colon cleanse. Senna laxative tea is packed with great health benefits. A cup a day can go a long way toward ensuring that you lead a healthier and happier life.

Crafted with you in mind

All our products are prepared with you in mind. You get pure all-natural senna tea bags prepared with great care. You get it in its purest form to guarantee high potency. This laxative tea provides quick relief from gas and bloating. It will also improve your gut health and act as a natural remedy for weight loss. Senna tea is best taken before bedtime for optimal results. It is important to keep yourself well hydrated for a healthy cleanse. Senna as a laxative is known to remove electrolytes from your body as a part of the cleanse process. So drinking plenty of fluids to not just aid cleanse but hydration is key to incorporating senna as an occasional constipation relief laxative.

  • ALL NATURAL FORMULA: Quality senna tea crafted with 100% pure senna herbs. No preservatives, no binders, no additives: you get it in its purest form! It’s also vegan-friendly. With every purchase you make, you get an all-natural senna leaf herbal tea.
  • PROMOTES LAXATIVE CLEANSE: This senna laxative tea is an excellent remedy for anyone looking for herbal cleanse tea. Senna leaf is packed with laxative properties, making it a perfect water weight reduction and colon cleanse.
  • RELIEF FROM OCCASIONAL CONSTIPATION: There are days when you just can't stomach the thought of another meal, especially when you’re constipated. Our senna tea for constipation can be a big save on such days. Senna is a natural laxative that helps in bowel movement, granting you excellent occasional constipation relief.
  • DETOX TEA: Our senna pod detox tea can give you a complete colon cleanse. Get to enjoy a cup of our smooth move tea right before bedtime. It provides great relief from belly bloat and helps ease occasional constipation.



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