Talking Tables Nutcracker Christmas Crackers 6 per pack

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Luxury Nutcracker Christmas Crackers by Talking Tables. Crackers are a Christmas table essential! Inside each of these decorative crackers is a family friendly bingo game, paper hat and joke. Ideal for celebrating with the loved ones in your life during the festive season whether that's Christmas Day, Boxing Day or even Twixmas. Enjoy a guilt-free, planet friendly celebration! These crackers are 100% plastic free and can be fully recycled. Each pack contains 6 full recyclable crackers.
Size: 30cm/12" 
For the past 20 years Talking Tables has been creating great memories and getting people together with our fun products. 

Whether it’s an afternoon tea with your grandma, a wedding or a Christmas family gathering, our aim is to help you celebrate with fun and laughter, engaging everyone equally. 

We are serious about protecting the environment and all our products are developed with sustainability at the forefront of our mind, this includes only sourcing from factories that pass strict ethical and safety standards. 

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