Whittard of Chelsea Guatemalan Antigua Ground Coffee 227g

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Wysyłka w: Do 28 dni Maksymalnie (opóźnienia importowe)
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Producent: Whittard of Chelsea
Kod produktu: WHITTARD5
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Star of the show at the 2011 Great Taste Awards, scooping two stars for its “Good mouthfeel, rich, chocolatey, lingering finish”.  This rich aromatic coffee is grown under the shady forest canopy of the central highlands of Guatemala surrounding the ancient city of Antigua. The deep shade of the forest trees allows the coffee to grow slowly and develop its full-bodied taste and complex lingering sweetness. This is a land of volcanoes and the rich mineral laden soil gives the beans a mellow honeyed taste with hints of spice and chocolate.

100% Pure Arabica Coffee

Follow the manufacturers equipment instructions.Always use fresh water.  Use water just off the boil so you dont scald the coffee.Do not reheat once brewed.

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