Whittard of Chelsea San Agustin Colombian Ground Coffee 227g

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Wysyłka w: Do 28 dni Maksymalnie (opóźnienia importowe)
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Producent: Whittard of Chelsea
Kod produktu: WHITTARD6
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Our Colombian beans come from small farms scattered across the steep humid slopes of the Andean mountains. The plantations are rooted in rich volcanic soil and shaded by the dripping fronds of banana and rubber trees. The coffee is known for its silken, aromatic flavour. It is medium bodied with a richly complex taste that balances pleasing acidity with soft sweetness.  Harvested all year round, Colombian captures the exotic taste of its origin.

 Strength- Medium Roast (3)

100% Pure Arabica Coffee

Follow the manufacturers equipment instructions.Always use fresh water. Use water just off the boil so you dont scald the coffee.Do not reheat once brewed.

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