Britannia Official Queen's Diamond Jubilee China Mug

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Britannia is delighted to offer this official range of English fine bone china which celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and has been commissioned by the Royal Collection.

The Queen's official fine bone china boasts seven individual pieces. Each piece is expertly handcrafted in the UK by master craftsmen. The collection also includes two sought-after Limited Edition pieces - Loving Cup and Charger Plate.

Each item is individually cast and hand-decorated. They are then embellished with several layers of raised burnished gold before a final layer of gilding in 22-carat gold is, again, applied by hand. The Royal Coat of Arms has been specially painted for the occasion. The border decoration is based on the famous Rockingham Service, made between 1830 and 1837 for William IV who was a great patron of English porcelain. It was first used at Queen Victoria's coronation banquet in 1838.

This English fine bone china is entirely made by hand in Staffordshire using traditional methods unchanged for 250 years.

9cm Height. 12cm Width.

Not dishwasher proof and not suitable for use in microwave ovens.


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