CRU Kafe Organic Long Black 10 coffee bags per pack

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Sweet and full of flavour, our Long Black is a cup with character - a strong and full-bodied coffee, dominated by notes of rich chocolate and malt biscuit.


In the southeastern region of India is Kerala, where our Robusta beans are grown on the hilly sides of the Western Ghats.  Normally, Robusta beans around the world are grown between altitudes of 500-1,000m above sea level. However, Indian Robustas are generally found at levels of 1,400m upward, allowing a greater range of flavours to develop in the bean itself. 

As well, the beans are often grown amongst a variety of other crops such as tobacco, mango trees and jackfruit - a technique known as intercropping. This means the soil is more rich and nutrient dense, and the shade from larger crops benefits the coffee plants.

Our full-bodied Honduran Arabica bean coupled with our Indian Kerala Robusta come together to create a powerful, punchy coffee full of spice and smoke.

  • TEA BAGS WITH A TWIST - Packed full of our great tasting coffee - Our new coffee bags are the easiest way yet to enjoy your favourite cup of CRU Kafe - In the office, on holiday; wherever your day takes you!
  • JUST ADD WATER - It’s as easy as one, two, three - Just pop in a mug, pour in boiling water, give it a squeeze, let it sit for 2-3 mins & enjoy your favourite coffee anywhere!
  • 100% SOIL ASSOCIATION CERTIFIED - That means no pesticides, solvents or nasty chemicals near our organic coffee. This is better for our farmers, the planet, and you.
  • 100% FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED - All our coffees are Fairtrade certified. We are proud to work exclusively with farms who pay a fair wage and work hard to reinvest in their communities.
  • BURSTING WITH FLAVOUR - Our Colombian Coffee Bags are medium roast with a full flavour - An entirely new way to enjoy your favourite cup of CRU - These coffee bags are graded at Strength 4.


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