Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce 3.78 Litre

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Producent: Reckitt Benckiser UK Ltd
Kod produktu: RECKITT29
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Frank's Original RedHot sauce is made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers that add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavour to your favourite foods. It's a recipe that's worked for over 80 years. The great taste of Frank's RedHot made it the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo Wings recipe created in Buffalo, NY


Aged Cayenne Red Peppers. Vinegar, Water, Salt, Garlic Powder.
Brand Franks
Product Dimensions 29.5 x 17 x 12.2 cm
Manufacturer reference 011909
Storage Instructions Store in a dry cool place.
Serving Recommendation Can be used in cooking or as a condiment.
Use By Recommendation Use by best before date
Package Information Bottle
Manufacturer/Producer Reckitt Benckiser
Country Produced In USA
Additives Free From Artificial Colours, Free From Artificial Flavours, Free From Artificial Preservatives
Allergen Information Dairy Free, Egg Free
Energy Content 97 Kilojoules
Protein 0.8 grams
Total Carbohydrate 4 grams
Sugar 1.7 grams
Total fat 0 grams
Saturated Fat 0 grams
Fiber 1.5 grams
Sodium 3.4 grams

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