Iwisa Super Maize Meal 1kg

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Producent: Premier Foods
Kod produktu: IWISA1


Iwasa super maize meal

Nutritional Functions Information
Iron: Helps maintain healthy red blood cells which play a role in oxygen transportation required for a healthy immune system.
Niacin (B3): / Riboflavin (B2): / Thiamin (B1): / Pyridoxine (B6): These B Vitamins enable the body to change the food you eat into energy and helps your nervous system to work properly and to maintain normal growth.
Folic Acid (B): Helps to form body proteins, genetic material and red blood cells.
Pantothenic Acid: Plays a roll in the metabolism of fatty acids, glucose and proteins for energy production.
Retinol (Vitamin A): Important for the maintenance of good vision, normal growth and a healthy immune system.
Vitamin B12: Contributes to the health of the nervous system and is involved in the manufacturing of red blood cells.
Selenium: Functions as a tissue antioxidant thereby keeping cells healthy. Protects unsaturated fatty acids against oxidation in the blood (natural antioxidant).
Zinc: Essential for the growth and maintains a healthy immune system.
Source of vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid and selenium, Fortified for better health
Country of Origin
South Africa


LIFE 1m+

Product life guaranteed for more than 1 month.

Store indoors in a cool dry place before and after opening.
Package Type
Bag - Paper
Recycling Information
Premier Foods,
Typical Values per 100g RDA %
Energy 1337kj/320kcal 16%
Protein 7.40g 16%
Carbohydrate 73.00g 32%
of which: Sugars 1.1g 1%
Fat 1.00g 1%
of which: Saturated 0.35g 2%
Fibre 5.5g 23%
Sodium Trace Trace
Niacin (B3) 2.970mg 19%
Pantothenic acid 0.750mg 13%
Pyridoxine (B6) 0.389mg 28%
Thiamin (B1) 0.309mg 28%
Riboflavin (B2) 0.179mg 13%
Folic Acid (B) 189µg 95%
Retinol (Vitamin A) 188µg  
Vitamin B12 0.360µg 14%
Iron 3.735mg 27%
Zinc 1.890mg 19%
Selenium 8.250µg 15%
Super Maize Meal, Iron, Niacin (B3), Zinc, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine (B6), Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Folic Acid (B), Retinol (Vitamin A), Selenium, Vitamin B12.
Allergen Information
Contains Yeast
Dietary Information
Contains GMO
Contains Yeast


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