Kenco Rich Roast Eco Refill 150g

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75% of the beans we source for our Kenco freeze-dried coffee range come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms
When you buy this Kenco Eco Refill pack you're helping reduce the amount of packaging waste thrown away every day. Even if you already recycle your glass jar, this pack still has less than half the packaging weight of a 200g jar lid. 

  • 97% less packaging weight
  • Premium blend for intense richness
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Freeze Dried Soluble Coffee

Better for the environment and better value for you.
*Per gram of coffee this Eco Refill pack has 97% less packaging weight and a lower RRP than our 200g and 100g jars

Product Information


Store in a cool dry place

Prepare & Use

1. Open
Just tear the strip at the top to open
2. Refill
Use your favourite airtight container, or a Kenco jar. Reseal to keep the rest fresh
3. Return
Send your empty bag to us and we can turn it into something new. Find out more at


The Kenco Coffee Company,
GL50 3ZZ
47 Pembroke Rd., 
Dublin 4.

Package Type

Re-Closable Packaging.



Coffee beans

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