Kenco Westminster Medium Roast Filter Coffee 1 kg

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Westminster Medium Roast. This carefully selected blend of beans from Central and South America is Medium Roasted, for a smooth, fruity, slightly sweet and well-rounded filter coffee. Have you tried...? If you are looking for a stronger coffee experience, Kenco Sustainable Development Medium Dark Roast filter coffee and espresso beans deliver a distinctive full-bodied flavour. For an intense espresso coffee experience, Kenco Italia Dark Roast delivers a strong and smoky flavour. 


  • Carefully selected and ground from a blend of beans from Central and South America
  • Medium Roasted, for a smooth, fruity, slightly sweet and well-rounded coffee
  • 100% Arabica
  • 100% of the coffee beans in this bag are sourced from rainforest alliance certified(TM) farms
The real coffee experts At Kenco, we want every cup of coffee to be a great cup of coffee. Our brand is your assurance of our superior standards of coffee quality. Ever since The Kenco coffee company was founded in 1923, we've had a passion for creating high quality, great tasting coffee everyone can enjoy. Kenco Coffee Company beans go through rigorous quality checks throughout their journey: from harvesting to roasting, blending and finally packing to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. At Kenco we are passionate not just about great tasting coffee but also about a sustainable future for coffee farming. Sustainability is about ensuring that what we do today doesn't make it harder for future generations to meet their needs.


For great filter coffee Run fresh cold water through the empty pour & serve machine. Place filter paper in the basket and add 60g or 9 level 7g measuring scoops of coffee. Pour 1.7 litres/3 pints of fresh cold water into the machine. When the brew is complete, throw away filter paper and spent grinds. To enjoy Kenco filter coffee at its best, use within 45 minutes.

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