Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Double Handled Tea Strainer- boxed

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The Le'Xpress stainless steel winged tea strainer has been designed specifically with form and function in mind. It features a fine mesh gauze for a really clear infusion of tea. The twin resting arms are perfect for resting securely on cup and mug rims. The strainer comes complete with a handy drip bowl to place the strainer after use, capturing all drips and spills and keeping work surfaces clean. The strainer and bowl are dishwasher safe.

Le'Xpress from Kitchen Craft is a stylish collection of tea, coffee and hot drinks items, gifts and accessories that captures the trend for cappuccinos, green tea and lattes to offer a selection of high quality beverage options. Le'Xpress offers a host of complementary items for the discerning coffee and tea lover.


  • Stainless steel fine mesh strainer
  • Features twin resting arms and a handy drip bowl
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size - 13cm (W) x 6cm (L)

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Double Handled Tea Strainer

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Double Handled Tea Strainer

Cup and saucer shown for illustrative purposes only.

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