Lamp Socket Converter B22 To E27

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This helpful little product is brilliant! Have you ever been to the shop or been given some bulbs only to find when you get home that they don't fit your lamp? Or maybe you had some bulbs at home, but when you needed them it turned out that they are the other type. 

It's a sturdy converter and is all you will need to meet any need you have with converting bulbs.

Please Note: Make sure you are choosing the proper type of a converter, looking carefully at the pictures in the item listing before making the purchase.

The item converts the lamp fitting so please check what type of fitting your lamp has and choose accordingly. Buy the converter that looks exactly like the end part of the light bulb you are normally using in the lamp. The light bulb is not included.


  • Allows E27 bulb to be used with B22 lamp socket
  • Made of sturdy plastic and metal
  • Allows to use light bulbs of other type than original lamp design


  • Max Load: 60W

Package Contents: 

1 x Lamp Socket Converter Edison Screw to Bayonet Cap 

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