Lintbell Yumega Plus Dog Skin Supplement, 500ml

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Yumega Plus is a completely natural blend of the finest Omega 3 & 6 oils extracted from coldpressed Golden Flax, Starflower and fresh Salmon oil. It has been designed to help dogs with itchy and sensitive skin.

Yumega Plus is proven to:

  • Support skin health
  • Calm sensitive skin
  • Reduce scratching and itching

The Omega 3 & 6 oils in Yumega Plus will help to calm your dog's skin to reduce itching and scratching, supporting skin health over the longer term. It also acts fast, with noticeable results after 4-6 weeks.




Yumega Plus is a blend of natural ingredients including the finest Omega 3 & 6 oils from cold-pressed Golden Flax, Starflower plus fresh Salmon oil - all carefully selected to help dogs with sensitive and itchy skin. It is an ideal daily supplements for pets to achieve great coat and skin condition.

Yumega Plus is proven to help cope with dog skin problems:

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Increases your dog’s comfort by reducing itching and scratching
  • Aids irritation of skin conditions in dogs
  • Supports your dog’s healthy skin

The Omega 3 & 6 oils in Yumega Plus is developed especially to calm your itchy dog's skin to reduce scratching, and support skin health over the longer term. Omega-6 fatty acids are very important according to scientists in keeping our pets healthy.


If your dog has sensitive skin, they are more likely to react to things in their environment such as pollen, grasses, fleas and dust mites, causing them to itch and scratch. Prolonged scratching can also cause skin damage, hair loss and damage the coat, as well as making your dog feel very uncomfortable.

Key omega 3 and 6 oils found in golden flax, starflower and fresh salmon help to calm sensitive skin and support skin strength, helping your dog cope with these 'itching triggers'.

By adding Yumega Plus fresh to your dog's meal, you can be sure your dog is getting the key omega 3&6 oils that help calm sensitive skin and reduce itching and scratching.




YUMEGA PLUS contains added fresh Salmon oil, 50% more GLA and more Vitamin E than standard YUMEGA, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive and itchy skin.

  • Rich in omega 3 from the finest salmon oil to calm sensitive skin
  • Extra GLA from starflower to reduce itching and scratching
  • Rich in essential Omega 6 to nourish soft and supple skin
  • High levels of essential Omega 3 oils from golden fax seed to improve coat condition
  • Added natural Vitamin E from plant sources to support the skin's natural defences


YUMEGA PLUS contains the finest natural oils to help dogs with itchy and sensitive skin.

  • Rich in the omega 3 EPA, Yumega Plus uses the best salmon oil available for its calming effect on the skin.
  • Starflower oil provides the omega 6, GLA, which soothes sensitive skin and supports skin health.
  • Golden flax oil provides the omega 6, Linoleic acid, which forms the skin's moisture barrier, plus the omega 3, ALA, to improve coat condition.
  • A natural antioxidant, Vitamin E, that neutralizes free radicals, supporting the skin's defences.

YUMEGA PLUS is easy to use - simply mix with your dog's main meal.


Do not exceed the daily recommendations.



Yumega Plus is made from fresh natural omega 3&6 oils, so it has a pleasant aroma and is naturally tasty.


It's important to give your dog time to get used to new things you introduce into their diet, so try using half the daily recommendation for the first week before moving up to the recommended amount of YUMEGA for your dog.


Keep bottle in carton when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.



We source the oils we use to make Yumega Plus from natural plant sources and the highest quality fresh Salmon oil.

In fact, our quality standards are so high that we reject oils that go into human supplements. So your dog is getting the best quality supplement possible.

We cold press the golden flax and starflower seeds to carefully extract the oil, just like they do to produce the best virgin olive oil.

We add Salmopet Salmon oil from the crystal clear fjords of Norway. Salmopet contains 100% salmon oil with no additives. The salmon used to produce Salmopet are taken from the fjord and processed to oil in less than 1 hour, making this salmon the highest quality available.

Then we bottle the oil immediately to maintain freshness.

We don't use any chemical extraction or refinement processes to obtain the oils so that we can maintain the oils in their natural condition, which makes them highly effective, and naturally tasty.

Then we add Vitamin E from natural plant sources to maintain the quality of the oil and mop up free radicals.

Which means that we can supply you a product made with natural, renewable ingredients. Good for your dog, and better for the environment.


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