Lizi's Low Sugar Granola 500g

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The Health Benefits of Oat Fibre
The oats in this cereal contain high levels of the soluble fibre beta glucans. A daily intake of 3g beta glucans has been shown to be beneficial in maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels and so reducing the risk of developing coronary heart disease. One 50g serving of this cereal will provide 1.4g beta glucans, 46% of the beneficial daily amount.
High in fibre, Low in sugar, Less than 4% sugar, GMO-free, Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

Suitable for vegetariansSuitable for vegetarians

Ready to Eat
Preparation and Usage
How to Use
Ready to eat with milk, fruit juice, yoghurt or add to fresh fruit. Use as dessert topping or eat straight from the pack.
Package Type
Re-Closable Packaging
Recycling Information
Packing - Recyclable
Other Information
Full Product Name:
High fibre, ready-to-eat toasted cereal of oats, mixed nuts and seeds made with all natural ingredients.

Store in a cool place. Reseal bag after use.

10 Servings

Produced in the UK
When I first started making my granola in my B&B in the 1990s, occasionally somebody would say that it was too sweet for their taste.
Now, with the emphasis on healthy eating and a move to minimise sugar intake as much as possible, I have produced this version of my granola, in which I have reduced sugar levels much further. I still add a very small amount of fructose and black treacle for flavour, so that the grains will crisp up during the baking process. The result is an oaty, nutty cereal with very little sweetness. So you can add sweetness in the form of fresh fruit or yoghurt and you will be able to enjoy a really healthy low sugar start to your day.
GL Tested
All Lizi's granolas are GL tested. The glycaemic load (GL) per serving is measured by an independent laboratory using internationally recognised protocols.
For more information about the GL of this product and others in the Lizi's range, visit
Produced for:
The Good Carb Food Company Ltd
Typical Values per 100g per 50g portion % *RI
Energy 2098kJ/501kcal 1049kJ/250kcal 12%
Fat 27.1g 13.6g 19%
of which saturates 4.2g 2.1g 11%
Carbohydrate 45.2g 22.6g 9%
of which sugars 3.8g 1.9g 2%
Fibre 9.7g 4.9g  
Protein 14.2g 7.1g 14%
Salt 0.021g 0.011g 0.2%
*RI = Reference Intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)      
Typical Values      
of which saturates      
of which sugars      
*RI = Reference Intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)      
Jumbo Rolled Oats, Rapeseed Oil, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Cashew Nut Pieces, Almond Pieces, Hazelnut Pieces, Walnut Pieces, Dessicated Coconut, Fructose (1.6%), Black Treacle (1.6%)
Allergen Information
Contains Almonds, Contains Cashew Nuts, May Contain Gluten, Contains Hazelnuts, Contains Oats, Contains Walnuts
Allergy Information
The Oats use in this product are natural field Oats and may contain traces of Gluten from other Cereal crops. The factory where this product is made also handles Peanuts. While every effort is made to prevent cross contamination, trace amounts of these allergens may be present in this product
Dietary Information
Suitable for Vegetarians; Suitable for Vegans; Low in sugar
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