Mardel Dulce de Leche Gourmet Milk Caramel Spread 450g

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Dulce de leche is a traditional Latin American jam made from milk and sugar. It is a spreadable product with no artificial colors or preservatives, and high nutritional value, thanks to the amount of calcium that it supplies to our body.

The Dulce de Leche Gourmet is soft and creamy, elaborated with the traditional recipe and a touch of vanilla scent.

Our dulce de leche Márdel meets all the requirements of the Argentine Food Code for a product to be called Dulce de leche.

This milk toffee spread can be used in so many different ways: with ice cream, as a cake filling, with your pancakes or toast. It's the filling of the delicious South American treat "alfajores" and there's also an ice cream flavour called "dulce de leche". Little secret: it's also amazing on its own.

It's made with milk, sugar, baking soda and vanilla. Its texture is a perfect point between liquid and solid, like a silky-smooth stlyle.


Ingredients: milk powder, sugar, water, glucose and fructose syrup.


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