Rare Tea Company Oolong Loose Tea 50g

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Tie Guan Yin - The Iron Goddess of Mercy, is an elegant oolong from Anxi, China. She lies artfully between green and black tea. Handcrafted to reveal astonishing flavours from soft florals to rich tropical fruit.

With careful brewing the leaves can be infused up to six times.
This tea is fairly traded and directly sourced by Rare Tea Co. and grown sustainably without herbicides or pesticides.
The most highly prized Oolong from Fujian, Known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy or Tai Guan Yin, Hand-crafted to yield astonishing flavours, Soft floral notes with a delicate mineral finish, Oolong lies artfully between green and black tea, A truly epicurean leaf, These teas are fairly traded


Suitable for vegetarians

Preparation and Usage
Use approximately 1 teaspoon per person
Infuse for 1-3 minutes
Each pot can be infused at least three times-simply add fresh water.
The 2nd pot is even more delicious than the 1st.
Use fresh water just below boiling point.
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Other Information
For best before see base. Please keep airtight. Consume within three months of opening.
Rare Tea Co
"Tea of this quality is genuinely rare and hard to find. I work directly with small, traditional tea gardens to source these teas for their wonderful flavours-the result of incredible skill developed over thousands of years".
Henrietta Lovell. Tea-Lady.

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