Signal Blocking Medium Protective Faraday Pouch for Car Keys - Single Pouch

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Producent: Lanpard
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【SECURE YOUR CAR BEFORE ITS TOO LATE】- Simply place the car key fob into the faraday bag and you're protected. Lanpard double-layer signal blocking faraday bags protect your belongings from EMF, RFID, and other hacking signals! No worry about thieves amplifying your fob signal and opening car any more, effectively stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.

【RFID PROTECTION FUNCTION】 Lanpard faraday bag is constructed with premium carbon fiber textured material and two-layers of shielding materials, which can block phone calls, SMS, WI-FI, bluetooth, 5G, NFC signalsetc. It’s suitable for all key fob sizes .Signal blocking pouch protect your car and credit card .Simple place the car key into the bag, and you will find no reponse from your cars.

【IMPROVED DESIGN 】Upgraded zinc alloy hook and Inner key chain. More strong and portable. Portable hook can hung on the pants or the knapsack, the inside key ring ensure taking the car key out easier. All the materials have been vigorously tested, which guarantees that the faraday pouch working greatly even after longer periods of use. Reliable, high quality, handmade.

【CONVENIENCE】 The size of the car key signal blocking pouch is 9*14 cm. Which is easy to carry. 

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