Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Bean Paste 65g

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Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Bean Paste with Vanilla Seeds. Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Beans Paste is made using 100% natural vanilla beans. As the name implies, Vanilla Bean Paste is basically vanilla beans in a jar. It is uniquely blended to include pure vanilla concentrated extract and vanilla beans (including seeds). It is a convenient and cost effective alternative to using Vanilla Beans in cooking. One teaspoon equals one whole cured vanilla bean pod.

Product Information


Reseal after opening.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Prepare & Use

An ingredient for use in custards, cakes, desserts etc

Country of Origin



Taylor and Colledge,
19 Wakefield St,
Q. 4051.

Package Type

Plastic Jar.

Recycling Information

Plastic jar recyclable.



Concentrated Vanilla Bean Extract including Vanilla Seeds (47%), Sugar, Fibre: Inulin, Natural Gum Tragacanth E413.


Vanilla is the only fruit of an orchid. There are over 100 varieties of vanilla orchids, but only two species are used for culinary flavouring -Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis.  Taylor & Colledge Vanilla products are the culmination of a century old recipe to extract the rich, distinctive flavour from carefully selected Bourbon Vanilla Beans.  Bourbon beans, known as Vanilla planifolia, are grown in Madagascar, Comoros Islands and Reunion on the African east coast.  The gentle cool extraction process draws out the delicate aroma and flavour from the beans. 

At harvest, vanilla pods do not have any aroma. The exotic flavour characteristics of vanilla beans develop as a result of an extensive curing process.

Premium beans, like those used in Taylor & Colledge products, have a rich, full aroma, are oily to the touch, and sleek in appearance. We avoid beans that have very little scent, are smoky, brittle or dry, or are mildewed.

Our commitment to ethically produce vanilla began long before words like “fair-trade” gained popularity.  We maintain a great interest in the welfare of vanilla growers and their families.  This ethical commitment is essential to the long term viability of the Vanilla industry and all its participants.

We produce 4 gourmet vanilla products:

  • Vanilla Bean Extract
  • Vanilla Bean Paste
  • Vanilla Bean Dusting Sugar
  • Organic Vanilla Beans Pods


Taylor & Colledge is an Australian company with a history spanning more than 100 years.  In 1897, Taylor and Colledge won its first award for excellence in vanilla.  Since then, the Taylor and Colledge commitment for unsurpassed quality has earned its reputation as one of the world’s finest vanilla producers.


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