Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer - Neon Pink

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The award-winning slant tweezer is recommended by celebrities, makeup artists and models. The stainless steel tips are hand-filed for precision to grab every hair easily and firmly without cutting it.

  • Neon pink slant tweezers (other colours available) 
  • The ultimate in precision tweezing
  • Ideal for brows, in-grown hairs and splinters
  • Features perfectly aligned, hand-finished and ultra-sharp pointed tips which are renowned for their performance
  • The choice for make-up artists, models, celebrities and those who demand the very best
  • Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 1.1 x 1.1 cm

 They are perfectly aligned so that the tips meet and close evenly regardless of the spot at which the user grabs the hair and regardless of the amount of pressure applied. The 25 degree slant is the ideal angle for working against the brow bone. It can also be flipped to use the pointed end for ultra-fine work. Tweezerman tweezers are made of high grade, German stainless steel to resist staining and they are durable and easy to clean.

To ease tweezing, use a warm washcloth beforehand to open pores. Tweeze one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage, smoothly pulling from the root. Use cold water as an astringent to close pores after tweezing. Use the pointed end to pull individual tricky hairs. The pointed end is perfect for stubble and fine, hard to pull hairs.

Tweezerman is the beauty tool expert and the leader in premium beauty tools worldwide. Recognised for incomparable quality, performance, innovation and service, they are a must have for those who care about beauty. Known in the industry as the "little black dress of beauty tools" and the choice of professionals, celebrities and the most discerning consumers. Tweezerman is also the proud receiver of top beauty awards including Instyle "Best Beauty Buys" 2010, "Winner for a Decade" 2010, Allure "Best of Beauty" Award Winner 2010 and Harpers Bazaar "Bazaar Beauty Hot 100" 2010.



To achieve perfect brows, we recommend you tweeze one hair at a time, pulling in the direction of the hair growth and keeping brows as symmetrical as possible. Always replace protective cap on the tweezer tips in between uses.
Slant Tweezer

5 Steps To Beautiful Brows

Follow Our Expert Tips For Shopping And Maintaining Your Brows

Step 1 : Trim & Shape

Use a spiral brush to define brow shape, brushing hairs up and into place. Using your stainless steelBrow Shaping Scissors, trim excess length from each brow, checking for equal balance and proportion as you work. Do not over trim, which can make brows look too sparse.

Step 2 : Tweeze

Use a warm washcloth to open pores. Tweeze along the natural shape and arch of your brow line with the Slant tweezer. Grab each individual hair at the root to avoid breakage, pulling smoothly in the direction of hair growth. Once basic shape is defined, tweeze between brows and use the Point tweezer to grab baby fine strays and any short, tricky stubs. The Tweezermate lighted magnifying mirror will help you see where the fine hairs are.


Step 3 : Soothe

Use a spiral brush to define brow shape, brushing hairs up and into place. Using your stainless steelBrow Shaping Scissors, trim excess length from each brow, checking for equal balance and proportion as you work. Do not over trim, which can make brows look too sparse.

Step 4 : Define

Apply brow powder or pencil to sparse areas using short, fine strokes. Blend with a brow brush. Our retractable Brow Powder Brush can be used dry for a soft, natural look or wet, for a more defined and dramatic arch.

Step 5 : Soothe

Brush brows into place with the clear Browmousse for all day hold.

Shaping Your Brows

The shape of your brow should follow the natural line of your brow bone. The arch should be highest at the outer corner of the pupil. To determine where the brow should begin, place a pencil straight up from the side of the nostril. To determine where it should end, hold the pencil diagonally against the outer corner of the eye pointing up to the brow bone. The brow should extend slightly beyond the eye at which point it should taper slightly down.

When tweezing, remember to follow the natural shape and arch of your brow. Attempting to create an arch, especially too close to the center of your face, can create the look of ‘hook’ brows. To emphasize an arch, focus on the outer third of the brow.

To make brows appear thicker, fill them in with pencil and/or powder using short even strokes, and blend with your Brow Shaping Brush.

Use an optically correct magnifying mirror to spot thin or light colored strays. Even the lightest hairs should be tweezed above, below and between brows to emphasize brow shape.

Not Sure How Much to Tweeze?

Be sure to step back from your mirror and check your brows periodically. Tweeze a few hairs from one brow and then the other so they remain symmetrical. Remember that it's better to tweeze too little than too much.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
  • Do trim your brows before tweezing. Trimming brow hairs will emphasize your natural brow shape.
  • Do open your pores with a hot washcloth to make tweezing easier.
  • Do use a make-up concealer to draw your desired brow shape, then tweeze the hairs that fall below the line.
  • Don't use creams or moisturizers that can cause the tweezer to slip.
  • Don't tweeze nose hairs or hairs growing out of moles.

Tweezer Tips

  • Spring tension can be increased by gently pulling tweezer tips apart, but once increased the tension can't be decreased. Avoid dropping tweezers, as it can damage the tips and throw tweezers out of alignment.
  • In Style beauty editor's trick: Store tweezers in the freezer, so you numb the skin as you pluck. (Just make sure tweezers are completely dry-to-the-touch.)
  • Always wipe tips clean with a disinfectant after use and always replace the protective cap on the tweezer's tips.
  • Keep tweezers dry. Even stainless steel can rust if kept wet.
  • Be careful not to drop tweezers, as it can damage both tip and alignment.


We are the beauty tool experts.

The choice of celebrities, beauty professionals and the most discerning customers.

About TweezermanEvery woman deserves the best tools and the beauty expertise to make their lives more beautiful. Known both ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘on the street’ as the word of mouth, must-have brand for over 25 years, our beauty tools are beloved by everyone from celebrities, models and make-up artists to top beauty gurus, magazine editors and women from all walks of life around the world. Tweezerman constantly works to develop innovations to serve you, our customers, ever better. Whenever and wherever you experience our brand, we aim to provide you with the best in beauty tools, tips, and techniques in addition to excellence in attention to detail and service.

The ‘little black dress of beauty tools’, Tweezerman is incomparable in quality, performance, and value.

We believe that, as beauty tool experts, we also need to be beauty experts. We understand what each tool must flawlessly achieve so that you can get that perfect “look”. Our tools are designed to be true beauty solutions, and each tool is developed to be uniquely best at what is created to do. No matter what the beauty trend, you’ll always need your Tweezerman tools to help you look and feel your very best.


A Little Bit Of Our History

Tweezerman started in 1980 with a single product – the Splintertweeze® which became an instant best seller for its outstanding quality and precision. The secret to its effectiveness and popularity was its perfectly aligned hand filed tips. We then set out to develop an eyebrow tweezer with the same precise performance standard that made the Splintertweeze so celebrated. The world famous Tweezerman Slant® was born, featuring hand filed tips that grab every hair, every time. It was an instant success and is still our #1 seller.

Over 25 years later, Tweezerman International, LLC is a global industry leader that caters to beauty professionals, celebrities and discerning consumers who demand the best-quality beauty tools at the best price. TMI products are sold through professional beauty suppliers as well as top cosmetic and department stores, chain drug stores, and specialty shops.

Tweezerman International, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zwilling J.A. Henckels AG since December 2004. Based in Solingen, Germany, Zwilling J.A. Henckels manufactures and sells high quality branded consumer goods for kitchen, flatware, beauty instruments and hairdressing equipment. Tweezerman International continues to operate at its worldwide headquarters located at 2 Tri Harbor Court, Port Washington, New York, USA.

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