VonShef 8 Cup Cafetiere with Measuring Spoon and Sealing Clip

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Producent: Vonshef
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The VonShef 8 cup cafetiere allows you to easily brew a delicious cup of fresh ground coffee to kick start your day.

The VonShef 8 cup cafetiere is easy to use, simply scoop in your favourite pre-ground or freshly ground coffee and add the required amount of water just off the boil. In just 4 minutes your coffee will be ready to filter, use the specially designed plunger to sieve out any remnants of ground coffee from your brew and enjoy.

The VonShef cafetiere is made from high quality satin polished stainless steel, complete with a double-wall to keep the outside from getting too hot.

Everything is dishwasher safe, making our cafetiere easy and quick to clean.

  • Make delicious fresh coffee from ground whole beans
  • Made from high quality satin polished stainless steel
  • With Stainless steel plunger to filter the ground coffee from your drink
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • a double-wall
  • 8 Cup - Diameter: 11cm - Height: 23cm - 1000ml


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