Williamson Fine Earl Grey Tea 50 bags

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Producent: Williamson Tea
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125g, 50 Teabags

A fresh and bright black tea blend, with natural Earl Grey flavour and grown exclusively on our farms. This elegant tea is ideal for relaxing moments.

Tasting Note: Zesty and aromatic; our Earl Grey is literally bursting with the aroma of Mediterranean Bergamot oranges.


We are a family owned business, with over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas.
We care deeply about our tea and the people who grow it.

Unlike other tea brands, we are tea farmersAll of our teas are grown on our own farms in Kenya, which means we can control the quality of the product all the way from the tea plant to the cup.

We only use sustainable farming methodsand we ensure all our people work in good conditions and earn a decent living.

Our Tea farms are 100% UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certifiedWe believe that our knowledge of farming,
and years of experience in blending fine teas, sets us apart from other brands. We are confident that you will taste the difference.

Rainforest Alliance Certified   UTZ Certified

We grow, select and blend our tea in Kenya on our own farms. Our core range includes our famous silver cartons, our classic silver Williamson Tea caddies and our eminently collectable elephant caddies. Our Lifeboat tea range helps raise money for the RNLI. All our teas are Rainforest Alliance certified.

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